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Kameelpoort Cabin

Project Type

Private Residential Cabin


April 2023

Architects: Pieter Mostert Architects
Engineers: Element Consulting Engineers
Contractor: Hess Carpentry

Located along the banks of the ‘White Nossob’ river close to Leonardville, Kameelpoort`s cabin was a long-time dream for Pieter and Verena, to shift away from the norm and experiment with a fresh outlook on space and material use within a Namibian context. A cabin, traditionally defined as a small timber shelter in remote areas, is a concept embraced worldwide.

Here in Namibia, we’ve adapted these principles with subtle adjustments to function and form. Situated atop a Kalahari dune, our cabin offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding game farm, discreetly blending into the natural landscape. Oriented with a double-volume living space facing south and bedrooms capturing predominant views to the east and west, our design prioritizes sun control with a farm-style stoep encircling the ground floor.

Constructed with efficiency in mind, the cabin features lightweight materials and a raft foundation raised on props to safeguard against termites and other intruding species. Crafted from imported 120mm thick ‘German Pine’ by skilled artisans, meticulous attention to detail, from timber joints to eaves, ensures both structural integrity and thermal insulation.

Complemented by self-sufficient utilities—solar power, gas, and water—alongside contemporary finishes, this cabin epitomizes stylish living in the Kalahari. It’s a retreat from the daily grind, where innovative construction techniques bring dreams to fruition, inviting relaxation amidst the red sands of Namibia.

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